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Our Vision


We believe that God has called us to be a church that will have the following priorities (our 4 P's).


We desire to become


1. A "Praising Church": This means that our worship and praise on Sunday mornings will be Christ-centred and God-honouring and we will flow out of a continual mindset of worship and praise throughout the week.


2. A "Praying Church": This means that our prayers will not simply become a formal or public exercise, but they will be motivated by a hunger and a thirst for righteousness and a heart-attitude of communion and devotion that will permeate our church family and our community.


3. A "Preaching Church": This means that our preaching, teaching, and discipleship efforts will be Bible-centred and we will systematically proclaim the truths of God's Word without compromising the historic gospel message.


4. A "People Church": This means that we will make people our priority and we will develop an atmosphere of love, encouragement, and unity within the church family as well as practicing lifestyle and relational evangelism within the community.

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