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Daily Devotionals
  • Please check our Daily Devotionals page to see daily devotionals from organizations such as Our Daily Bread, The Upper Room and many, many more. 
Pastoral Resources
  • Please check our Pastoral Resources page to see what resources we use as the foundation of our church and it's message. 
  • YouTube is a resource that our church has recently embraced to further spread the message of what Christ has done for us. Please click the link to learn more.
In Church Resources
  • Please note that we do have resources within our church as well and we invite you to visit and to utilize these resources
  • We have a small library within the church that is dedicated to further enhancing your walk with the Lord and coming closer to Him.
  • We have a wonderfully warm and dedicated leadership team here at our church and we invite you to use them as resource in order to learn more about walking with Christ.
  • YouTube
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